Maryland State Youth Soccer Association

US SOCCER CONNECT NEWS - MSYSA 2018-19 Registration is now available!

If your club has not reached out to you to let you know; please contact your club to make sure they have been in touch with Stack Sports/US Soccer Connect to set up the club account in the new registration platform.

Once your club account has been set up, please reach out to MSYSA with the name and email address of your club's primary risk management liaison. Please send to Jessica Hafer at This person will also be the abuse prevention liaison. Additional information located HERE.

Also provide MSYSA with the credentials for your Club Travel Registrar who will be set up to Age/ID verify players in the association database. Additional information located HERE.

IMPORTANT: There was a Federal Law passed over a year ago that requires Sexual Abuse Awareness Training and Prevention and it is mandatory for all team officials within MSYSA to obtain the certification. This certificate must be uploaded to the database (under the waivers section along with the concussion certificate) before teams will be approved. Please use the link for the team officials registrations and try not to call them for assistance. They have been overwhelmed with calls and the link is simple. Click here to find the promo code.

The links for the concussion course are below and either one is fine :





Welcome to the new Official Registration Site of Maryland Youth Soccer!


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